overlay problem for 16 Gb SDHC flash memory

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Dear all, I tried to install FC12 KDE live edition on a 16Gb flash memory SDHC. I create just one partition on this device and the filesystem is ext2. I used liveusb-creator from FC9 to install onto that memory FC12. I wanted to have 11Gb of overlay so that i can install program up to that size. Everything went fine, or at least this is what I read on the output from liveusb-creator. The only problem is that as you can see below : /dev/mapper/live-rw 3.0G 2.1G 884M 71% / tmpfs 497M 88K 497M 1% /dev/shm /dev/sdb1 15G 900M 14G 7% /mnt/live varcacheyum 497M 45M 452M 10% /var/cache/yum /tmp 497M 148K 497M 1% /tmp vartmp 497M 302M 196M 61% /var/tmp the / partition has max 3Gb and not 11Gb. What went wrong? Is there a way to have / of the order of 11Gb? This is necessary if i want to keep a the operative system in a useful way on the pc. Is it this possible? thank you for you help Ciao (HowTos)