[other] win7 (in dualboot) won't boot after resizing prtns w/Gparted

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http://ubuntuforums.org – well, after a lot of searching i have decided to ask here. i had win7/ubutu 10.10 32bit dualbooting on Asus 1201N for long time peacfully until i decided to give 10.10 64bit a try also. i had 92 gb sda1 ntfs partition for win7 and a 190 gb sda4 extended partition with: 10 gb ubuntu root, 10 gb ubuntu home, 4 gb ubuntu swap and the rest was big ntfs data partition. i have tried to resize the win7 partition with it's own partition editor after defragmentation but it did not let me do it. so i went to gparted, using an ubuntu live usb, and resized it. operation was succesfull, exce (Hardware)