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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, There is always talk of other distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu, etc). I thought it would be nice to see everyone's top 5. Mine is: openSUSE Arch Fedora CrunchBang Mandriva openSUSE: I think openSUSE's implementations of both KDE and GNOME are outstanding. Zypper is a great tool, as is YaST. I think the thing that sets openSUSE above the rest is the community. With the combination of community and easy to use tools, I think openSUSE is great for new users, whilst still being customizable enough for more experienced users. Arch: I like the Arch way, and it's probably at number 2 because of this: It is a completely customised to the user, by the user There are no versions to reinstall, an update keeps it current If there was no openSUSE community I would be using Arch. Fedora: I like the professional look and feel of Fedora and I like the YUM package manager (almost as much as Zypper). Fedora is a distribution I would recommend to new users. CrunckBang: CrunchBang is a great, very fast, distribution that can handle multimedia without extra work, and for this reason it is my default carry along live-CD for emergencies. However I couldn't se myself using it all the time, due to the basic feel (I've been spoiled by KDE). Mandriva: Mandriva has a very solid KDE implementation and has a very professional look and feel, I don't use it myself, but have tried it out a few times and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends. "Where's Ubuntu?" I hear you say. I used Ubuntu for a long time, and it is fairly quick to start up, but after that it doesn't have any advantage, as far as I'm concerned. It has that terrible Brown theme, which means after install you have to spend time making it look acceptable. I wouldn't use Ubuntu again, or recommend it to anyone. Now let's hear your opinion... Regards, Barry. (Distributions)