The OSI Categorically Rejects IIPA’s special pleadings against Open Source (Linux Today)

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http://linuxbizz.com – Michael Tiemann’s blog: “And yet according to a 2003 UNCTAD report, “there has been no Moore’s Law for software,” and indeed it is because of software that computer systems have become more expensive, more complex, and less reliable.” (read on…) Related items Red Hat extends Szulik’s term (The News & Observer) You know what’s working on my laptop with Intel 830m video? Fedora 12, that’s what (Linux Today) Szulik signs on to remain Red Hat chairman for a year (Local Tech Wire) Hands-on: a close look at Ubuntu’s new non-brown theme (Ars Technica) Debian live CD distro rev’d (Desktop Linux) (General)