Opera claims 10.50 to be the fastest browser

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http://linuxers.org – Every browser claims to be the fastest these days, but Opera seems to have most of the popular browser speed tests in its favour. According to Joseph. D Lien, an Opera Employee, its because of their new Carakan JavaScript engine and Vega graphics library which offers fast javascript and rendering performance. You might be aware of some of the famous tests used to benchmark browser performances these days, Sunspider, Dromaeo, V8, and Peacekeeper(click to start the test). Each of them tries to measure the browser performance in a slightly differnent way but is mostly based upon javascript and rendering operations, although the relative difference between browser's performances can vary in these tests. Let see what are the browser performance stats according to these tests: Sunspider Sunspider is a popular way to compare Javascripts engines of web browsers. It only tests the core scripting language with a focus on the problems that developers solve using javascript now a days. Here is the result Opera 10.50 seems to be way ahead of the other browsers. Dormaeo Dormaeo, a test benchmark created by Mozilla, uses some of Sunspider test's and is also capable of testing the browser for DOM and CSS selector speed. Check out the stats produced after testing the browsers with "recommended" test which leaves the CSS selector speed test. V8 Benchmark Suite Made by google for optimizing V8 Javascript engine using in Chrome. I did this test myself and 10.50 seems to be way better than its earlier version 10.10. Chrome which is heavily optimized for this test had the highest score. Peacemaker Peacemaker and FutureMark do a variety of tests to rate the browser performance. Their main focus is on the tasks the browser does in general to load the popular websites. Some of these tests are: Rendering, Social networking, Complex graphics, Data, DOM operations and Text parsing. The overall stats look something like this Source: http://my.opera.com/chooseopera/blog/a-new-era-of-browser-speed (General)