OpenVZ with RHEL6 kernel & page cache?

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http://serverfault.com – After upgrading kernel from debian 2.6.32-openvz-amd64 to RHEL6 2.6.32-042stab035.1, I have problem with kernel page cache. Looks like no OpenVZ containers use page cache and now I have 10-15GB free RAM and only 3-5GB cache generated by mysql server that runs on VE0. There's no such problem with debian kernel, but all RHEL6 kernels I've tried had the same sympthoms. MemTotal: 24677212 kB MemFree: 10462364 kB Buffers: 467596 kB Cached: 6487520 kB SwapCached: 0 kB Active: 9149776 kB Inactive: 3396248 kB Any ideas what' (HowTos)