OpenVPN not completely tunneling traffic? [closed]

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http://serverfault.com – I am at an office using the "guest" wireless access point. As a matter of policy, this office redirects any page to a "blocked page" notice if the domain name corresponds to a dynamic DNS (e.g., *.dyndns.org). I'm tunneled to a personal OpenVPN server. Since I'm using Ubuntu, I've confirmed that my /etc/resolv.conf entries set the DNS server to be google DNS. For redacting purposes, let's say the IP of my VPN server is "my.VPN.server.IP". I confirm I'm tunneled by going to whatismyip.org and it shows my IP as "my.VPN.server.IP". I want to get to the page redactedpage.dyndns.org (it's actuall (HowTos)