Openswan l2tp ipsec vpn on Ubuntu 13.04 for remote access (Android road warrior). Does not work

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http://superuser.com – I followed the directions from here: http://samsclass.info/ipv6/proj/proj-L5-VPN-Server.html I used the same exact files as posted at that site. On my router, I have port-forwarded 500 UDP and 4500 UDP to the Ubuntu box. On Android, when I try, it goes to "Connecting..." then eventually "Timeout". Also tested on iOS (iPad) and also does not work. I noticed that syslog has nothing from xl2tpd for each connection attempt, so I am guessing the openswan ipsec is not passing the traffic to xl2tpd? All the steps from the guide were completed: added local ip address eth0:0 (the Ubun (HowTos)