OpenSwan IPSec phase #2 complications

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http://serverfault.com – Phase #1 (IKE) succeeds without any complications (verified at the target server). Phase #2 (IPSec), however, is erroneous at some point (apparently due to misconfiguration on localhost). This should be an IPSec-only connection. I am using OpenSwan on Debian. The error log reads this (the actual IP-addr. of the remote endpoint has been modified): pluto[30868]: "x" #2: initiating Quick Mode PSK+ENCRYPT+PFS+UP+IKEv2ALLOW+SAREFTRACK {using isakmp#1 msgid:5ece82ee proposal=AES(12)_256-SHA1(2)_160 pfsgroup=OAKLEY_GROUP_DH22} pluto[30868]: "x" #1: ignoring informational payload, type NO_PROPO (HowTos)