openSUSE11.2 re-boot/shutdown blackscreen

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, I have been trying to fix this for some time, on and off, and have been unable to, I have also ben unable to find a solution in the forums. I have installed openSUSE11.2 GNOME on a laptop, the install went fine, and it runs great, except for two problems: When I start up the splash screen doesn't show (this isn't really important, and I am happy to watch as everything is loaded) When I shutdown/reboot the computer freezes and I have to use the power button to switch off. This doesn't happen every time I shutdown, but most of the time. The freeze happens at different points of shutdown, so I don't know where to find what is causing the problem. As I mentioned point 1 is not really important, although I would like to know why this is happening, but problem 2 is very important. I have submitted a bug report id=560663 for this problem, but so far there has been no fix. Thank you for your help, Barry Nichols. (Distributions)