openSUSE live CD question

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, Just a quick question out of curiosity. Here's the scenario: I boot up my computer from an openSUSE live CD, doesn't matter what processor architecture or desktop environment at this stage. I know that anything I do to it, such as change the configuration or download a file to the 'Home' directory of the live environment, normally would be lost as soon as I shut the machine down from the live environment since it's all saved in the RAM. I also know that you can install openSUSE whilst you're 'live'. However what if I were to install an application (anything at all) or change a setting in the live environment, then go to 'Install'? Would the application(s)/new setting(s) be retained when you boot into the installed environment, or would those changes be lost meaning you start from scratch with a fresh installation? Regards, Jon. (Distributions)