openSUSE 11.3 - VBox Guest Additions

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Has anyone managed to get VirtualBox Guest Additions enabled in openSUSE 11.3? I just tried installing the Milestone 3 release in VBox. After installing a KDE system from the DVD, I ran an upadate which automatically installed virtualbox-ose-guest-tools, which I assumed were the guest additions packaged for openSUSE (am I right). I am running VBox 3.1.4 (not the OSE version), and the package was 3.1.4, so I had it go ahead and install it (it also installed a kernel module and xorg driver for virtualbox-ose). After the update and a reboot Mouse Integration was not enabled, and none of the other GA features seemed to be working. However, the VBox Session Info Dialog claimed that the GA were installed. Guessing that maybe the OSE guest additions were not compatible with the "commercial" VBox, I uninstalled them, rebooted, installed the kernel-headers, make, and gcc, mounted the Guest Additions iso (that ships with VBox) and built the modules myself. This went by with no errors, but upon rebooting, I was unable to bring up a X server. Since I can't seem to get my virtual machines to accept CTL-ALT-F# signals, I was stuck at that point. Anyone else having similar issues? Has anyone tried installing 11.3 in VBox? (Distributions)