OpenSuse 11.2 vs Ubuntu 9.10 = Ubuntu wins

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi I got fed-up with Windows and wanted to install perm. on my disk some linux - fedora, debian, opensuse, ubuntu, you name it.... Started with Opensuse 11.2 x64 DVD First of all it was a disaster 1. Opensuse was unable to boot after the start menu - black screen, none of those "smart tips" with sax2 didnt helped, had to boot for some strange reason in no-acpi mode 2. I couldn't install with 4 hours of troubleshooting me Ati hd4770 card properly 3. I couldn't install mp3 codecs for Rhytmbox, tried also Amarok, in the end I finally installed some gstreamer codecs, but still didnt work After I week being really pissed of I downloaded Ubuntu and kicked opensuse from my disk. 1. Ubuntu had no problems at all with loading my hardware 2. Ubuntu had no problems installing the ati drivers, with that nice tool (hardware drivers) 3. I run Rhythmbox put my mp3 in the list, it asked me that I needed some codecs and voila mp3 were playing So in the end I had in 30 minutes installed a ready-to-use Linux system without any problems. From Look ubuntu 9.10 with new wave theme + notifier and some other tools to improve your desktop is much easier to find and install. Sorry Novel your 11.2 back-fired really hard :( Simply from user-friedly design, ubuntu is much better then Opensuse. In my opinion if Linux distros are aiming for desktop users, they must offer approx. the same flexibility, stability and simplicity as windows. to this is much closer ubuntu, sorry suse you're miles behind. I dont care why that magical tool from novel - sax2 was unable to configure my vga cars I care only for the end results. Still I wonder after installing ati drivers in opensuse got everytime after restart some anoying message with ICEauto cannot be read, ubuntu didnt had these problems. (Distributions)