opensuse 11.2 vs kubuntu performance in VirtualBox

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I've been using opensuse as a hobby since 10.1, but since installing 11.2 in VirtualBox on a Win7 64-bit 4GB machine worked pretty good I thought I'd try Kubuntu to compare since I'd never used it. Differences, I installed the DVD version of opensuse, and the CD version of Kubuntu. Similarities, both are 32 bit versions, both have VBox additions installed, both have 1.5Gb Ram, both can see both cpu of my Core2 Duo. Kubuntu seems to be more responsive. Overall a little faster, the fonts looks better, and the display resolution dynamically changes when I switch from a (smaller) window to full screen. The question is is this real, can I do something easily to opensuse to improve it's performance to match that of Kubuntu? Thanks. (Distributions)