OpenCV compile Eigenface.cpp in Linux with using CodeBlocks

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http://stackoverflow.com – I want to compile the following OpenCV programm with CodeBlocks or with Linux Terminal. http://plaza.ufl.edu/tyler727/imdl/src/eigenface.cpp line 57: nTrainFaces = loadFaceImgArray("/home/hacker/data/Eigenfacecpp/train.txt"); line 192: // load test images and ground truth for person number nTestFaces = loadFaceImgArray("/home/hacker/data/Eigenfacecpp/test.txt"); // project the training images onto the PCA subspace projectedTrainFaceMat = cvCreateMat(nTrainFaces, nEigens, CV_32FC1); for(i=0; i<nTrainFaces; i++) { cvEigenDecomposite(faceImgAr (HowTos)