Openbox Benchmarking has some sort of vsync or framelimiter?

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hello,I'm benchmarking XFWM4 vs. Openbox as a Windows Manger on my XFCE setup with unigine-heaven. I have disabled vsync in nvidia-settings and in unigine-heaven and get72 FPS max with XFWM4 (no matter if compositing is enable or disable in the xfce settings) resulting in 827 points at the end of the run. When I switch to openbox i only get 600 something points and noticed that Max FPS is exactly 60 which seems like there is  some framelimting or vsyncing in place. The happens when I use xcompmgr and also when I don't use it for the openbox config testing setup.Anyone has any id (HowTos)