Open source linux alternative for every app

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http://feedproxy.google.com – For every popular commercial application, there should be a known opensource application existing somewhere. SGLNX recommends The Linux Alternative Project to all readers! Linuxalt.com contributes to the opensource community by constantly searching for linux equivalent software that can perform as well as the paid and popular commercial applications. The Linux Alternative Project is a constant growing database of equivalent linux softwares. To date, more than 50 linux equivalent softwares has been listed on the website. Some examples areMicrosoft Office Word <–> Openoffice Writer Netstumbler <–> Kismet ITunes <–> Amarok Adobe Premier <–> Cinelerra Recently, SGLNX received an request from a XP user for a replacement to his software application. The user was an avid musician and records his own guitar sessions. The main software he uses on his desktop was Cakewalk’s “Sonar Home Studio“. His solution can be found in one of “The Linux Journal” articles way back in 2004 titled “The Linux Based Recording Studio” In the article, it recommended “Ardour” as the software recommended for digital audio production. As stated in Ardour’s site, the software allows the user to “record, mix, edit and collaborate“. Ardour is still free to download and use. Users whom find the application useful can choose to donate to the project. Adour Studio It takes some getting used to new interfaces and new procedures when migrating to open source applications. SGLNX strongly believes software developed by opensource community, whom many are the users of these softwares themselves, are much better than those developed in labs by hired programmers whom doesn’t share the same passion. (General)