One key to Quick Setup fresh installed Ubuntu with Ailurus

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http://ubuntuguide.net – After a fresh ubuntu installation,we are used to manually configure network connection,install multi-media codec,install hardware drivers,change source for fast downloading,install common-used softwares and so on. However,there’s a great open source software called Ailurus that you can do this configurations just by one click. Ailurus is an Ubuntu enhancement application. It can install/remove applications which do not provide Debian packages at all. It can change system settings. Moreover, it help you study Linux skills. Feature: * Install/remove applications. Offline installation is enabled. * Detect speed of apt mirrors. Choose the fastest apt mirror. * Add/remove third party repositories. * Change hidden GNOME GConf settings. * Customize Nautilus context menu. * Know Linux skills by “Tip of the day” dialog. The skills help you use Ubuntu better. Install Ailurus Download latest deb package from:http://code.google.com/p/ailurus/downloads/list,then double click to install or use dpkg -i filename command. Quick setup ubuntu with ailurus Launch ailurus from Applications->System Tools menu. Click Quick Setup in the top-right,a widow pop up and tells you it will: choose the fast apt repository install: -full language support -input method -multi-media codec -Adobe Flash support -decompression software Click on OK,it will load network configuration if necessary and then start setting up. If you encounter “No proprietary drivers are in use on this system”,that means you don’t need installing extra drivers,just click Close. Share Related posts: Reinstall all of currently installed packages in fresh ubuntu install Install Skype 2.1 beta on Ubuntu How to setup Boot password protection for Grub2 Entries (HowTos)