One command to remove ubuntu old kernels from grub

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http://ubuntuguide.net – If you are running regularly update in your system,the old kernel left behind when ubuntu installs a new linux kernel.The old kernels leave in grub menu,so grub becomes longer and longer. You can check which kernel you are running by this command: name -r Then use this command to remove unused kernels as well as in grub menu: sudo aptitude purge ~ilinux-image-.*\(\!`uname -r`\) If you’d like a GUI,Ubuntu-Tweak is a good choice where you can remove them from Applications->Package Cleaner->Clean Kernel Install Ubuntu-Tweak,see:http://ubuntuguide.net/installupgrade-latest-ubuntu-tweak-in-ubuntu9-109-048-108-04 Share Related posts: Clean up cache,useless file/kernel to free disk space by Ubuntu-Tweak Manually adding/removing entries to Grub 2 Menu How to get Add/Remove app back in Ubuntu 9.10(Karmic) (HowTos)