OMG I love Fedora !

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I've always ran Windows, XP Vista Windows 7 etc. But I just installed F12 and got my nVidia drivers working, and its soooo great ! I'm never going back to windows :D I'm really new to all this so I got some dumb questions. I'm running x86. Should I be running x64 ? This is my system... ************************************************** Intel i7 920 Quad Core 2.6ghz - Its got 8 cores (What are they for?) How do I use them? are they each running at 2.6ghz ? 6gb RAM nVidia GeForce GTX 285 0C2 with 1gb ddr3 video memory MB is - ASUS P6T Delux OC Palm Edition Pwr Supply is - Antec 850 watt Truepower (It's got yellow racing stripes) 3 Segate Tatabyte drives ************************************************** Is Linux better than Windows in multitasking and process managment ? is it More powerfull (in general) ? Is it more stable? Is it true to say the following (again in general) "Anything I can do in Windows, I can do better in Linux (Fedora) etc." Thanks, :p (HowTos)