old version of x264 on rpmfusion

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi all, Just wondering whether there are plans to upgrade the x264 in the rpmfusion repo to a more recent build. These are the current ones in rpmfusion and what I have installed. Build date is October 2009. Code: x264.x86_64                                            0.0.0-0.24.20090319gitc109c8.fc11                                        @rpmfusion-free x264-devel.x86_64                                      0.0.0-0.24.20090319gitc109c8.fc11                                        @rpmfusion-free x264-libs.x86_64                                        0.0.0-0.24.20090319gitc109c8.fc11                                        installed      Available Packages x264-devel.i586                                        0.0.0-0.24.20090319gitc109c8.fc11                                        rpmfusion-free x264-libs.i586                                          0.0.0-0.24.20090319gitc109c8.fc11                                        rpmfusion-free Unfortunately things like h264enc and I'm sure others have moved on ahead and the dependencies on the x264 libraries means things like ffmpeg, mencoder, gstreamer, vlc, avidemux are having issues. With major dependancies it's difficult to upgrade the individiual components. A couple of examples, ffmpeg requires a newer build as it has some issues with MS's dvr-ms format. Apparently it was fixed in a newer release of the code. Another is some of the encode parameters in x264 being used in h264enc such as "weightp", "mbtree" which appear to be only supported in newer versions of the x264 libraries. Any chance that this is being looked at and newer and more recent builds of x264, and then I suspect with mencoder, ffmpeg etc...? (HowTos)