an old LPT printer on USB

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello all, I would appreciate some help with my printer. I have a very old Lexmark Optra E+ laser printer (over 10 years now) of which I would not like to get rid of quite yet because it gives quite acceptable (600dpi) and, crucially, inexpensive bw printouts. It should be connected to LPT port. However, the new computers just do not have LPT ports. So, I got a cable LPT-USB. But somehow, this does not work very well. I am able to print now and again, but often, especially at 600dpi resolution the printer only prints the first few lines of the page and then stops with an error. The error log is not very informative (usually simply says "Media tray empty", which is not true). Is there any way to make it work again? I should mention that I use the default configuration with the printer detected by hal with device url hal:///org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_67b_2305_noserial_if0_printer_noserial I have tried probably all of the suggested drivers: CUPS+Gutenprint, Foomatic/ hpijs..., gutenprint, ljet4. I stick to ljet4 since it seems to be the fastest and most reliable (when the printing actually works). I first started to notice the problem about a year ago, precisely when I connected the printer using a different cable. Perhaps it is a coincidence? I really would like to get this thing fixed but do not know where to look, any help, links appreciated! Is it necessary to add that in Windows XP on the same computer connected via the same cable to the same printer printing works flawlessly? But well, I do not like to have to switch to windows just to print out something (Windows is sitting there only for very rare, special occasions) (HowTos)