odd issue with GRUB on a dual-boot laptop

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – My laptop has two harddrives of 320 gb each. I have Win7 on one, Debian on the other. When I start up, the GRUB loader, where I select whether I want to start Linux or Windows, has two options for each. I don't remember what the options actually are (something like single-user is added on the second Debian option, the other windows option is the same I think), but is this supposed to show two boot options for each OS? Selecting the wrong Windows option just goes to a blank screen and sits til I reboot, and I haven't tried the second Linux option yet. How do I change it if its unnecessary? and also, how can I make the wait time on GRUB a little longer? Right now its like 3 seconds to pick Windows or Debian (or at least move the cursor) before it automatically boots Debian. Sometimes I want to boot windows for games, and I happen to be looking somewhere else in that three second space, and I have to restart to get back to the load screen. Thanks for any help (HowTos)