nVidia's Fermi: Hot, slow, late and unmanufacturable

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http://forums.opensuse.org – There's simply no end to the problems for nVidia's Fermi. After they first announced the card using a poorly done fake, it's becoming ever more obvious that fundamental flaws in Fermi are the probable cause for its problems, like the ridiculously bad yield of 2%. Fermi is currently rumoured to be finally introduced at the end of March, with general avaiability coming a good while later. However, looking at the article below detailling all the problems that Fermi has, it could well be even more delayed. Quote: Nvidia's Fermi GTX480 is broken and unfixable Hot, slow, late and unmanufacturable by Charlie Demerjian February 17, 2010 WITH ANOTHER LAUNCH of the Nvidia GT300 Fermi GF100 GTX480 upon us, it is time for an update on the status of that wayward part. Production parts have been coming back from TSMC for several weeks now, and the outlook for them is grim. We first got word that production A3 GF100s were back in Santa Clara near the end of January. When enough of them rolled off the line to characterize the silicon, we hear there were no parties in Santa Clara. For those not interested in the 'why' side of things, the short answer is that the top bin as it stands now is about 600MHz for the half hot clock, and 1200MHz for the hot clock, and the initial top part will have 448 shaders. On top of that, the fab wafer yields are still in single digit percentages. That said, the situation is far more nuanced than those three numbers suggest, and the atrocious yields are even after the chip has been downclocked and defective units fused off. To make matters even worse, the problems that caused these low yields are likely unfixable without a complete re-layout. Lets look at these problems one at a time. Number one on Nvidia's hit list is yields. If you recall, we said that the yield on the first hot lot of Fermis that came back from TSMC was 7 good chips out of a total of 416 candidates, or a yield of less than 2 percent (link). ... Continued here: SemiAccurate :: Nvidia's Fermi GTX480 is broken and unfixable nVidia's problems with poorly done design choices didn't just start with Fermi, they already started a good while back. This article describes them more in detail: Why nvidia's chips are defective - The Inquirer (Distributions)