novice, Firefox cannot see server

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have Fedora 8 installed on a computer I purchased from Eracks. It has Fedora 8 and boots up with GNOME active. When launching Fire Fox it says cannot find server. The computer is plugged into a wireless router (my lap top is wireless) that plugs into a cable modem. My Windows desk top (this computer) works with a hard wire connection and my laptop works with wireless, both running Windows XP and IE 8. The Linux box does not. The connection light on the RJ45 is on, but no activity unless I connect directly to the cable modem, then if flashes continuously, but Fire Fox still cannot see the server. This system was installed by Eracks almost two years aso and it is the first time I have booted Fedora (I had been using Ubunto but forgot the passwords. Firefox under Ubunto worked fine.). I.E. Fedora is probably installed correctly, Eracks did it, not me. When Fire Fox starts, all the fonts are really tiny. This is before any page is displayed, including the URL line and the help pages. I found the minimum font configuration in Fire Fox, but it does not change the font in Fire Fox itself. My screen is 1280 x 1024 with an NVIDA video board and dual monitors. (HowTos)