Not getting FPS I should be, where's my bottleneck?

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http://hardforum.com – I can't really track down what the problem is, but I've realized there actually is one. I would really like to figure out what my bottleneck is or what the issue is. 2500k @ 4 Ghz Asus P8P67LE 2x4GB (running Single Channel because my CPU fan covers the first 2 RAM slots <_<) 780 Ti @ ~1250 Mhz core / stock mem (still finding 100% stable clocks) 256 GB Samsung SSD Win 7 Corsair HX850 Qnix 1440p monitor (also running 2x24" 1080s) When I play BF4 on 64p Conquest and use the Ultra preset, I get drops to 30s and it's not really playable at all. This video (http://www.youtu (Hardware)