"Not Exactly an NVidia problem..."

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – When I first got my Dell Latitude D830, I was getting very good performance with Fedora on it. This is especially true when I installed the NVidia drivers. But I noticed about two Fedora releases ago, that video performance began to drop and that when playing video, especially hi-def video, the video performance would drop and the video would get out of sync with the audio. Worse still, this problem got progressively worse with each subsequent Fedora release. Until recently, I have been unable to pinpoint the problem's source -- was it Fedora? (X.org, Gnome or something like that?) or was it the NVidia driver? Well one morning, I found that my laptop video wasn't working. Connected to an external monitor, there was a garbled display. Something had gone very wrong. I still have support on my machine so I contacted Dell. Dell offered me NO resistance and asked me NO stupid questions and asked me to "try no stupid things." Instead they just promptly set up a service call. Turns out there is an issue with certain nvidia chips... but I have had my laptop for some years now... curious. When the service tech arrived and started his work, he disassembled my otherwise well-cared-for machine. It was clean and perfect outside. But inside, it was clogged with dust. And I mean completely blocked. It seems that even though there was no visual evidence from the outside, I let my machine kill itself with dust! SHAMEFUL! But now I have a new system board and the performance I have now is the same as when I first got it. My point in writing all of this is to serve as reminder that there are some times OTHER causes of problems with computers -- not just the software. When dealing with problems, making attempts to eliminate hardware as the cause is good policy. (HowTos)