not all initrd.img's are born equal?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I am trying to get a Red Hat 5.8 box booting via pxe. The box is a virtual machine on ESX5.0 it has a Paravirtual SCSI Controller and VMXNET3 network driver. Now these drivers do not come default in the RHEL5.8 kernel so I have followed some steps on the net to make my own initrd.img file. This is not yet working and any advice on how to get this done would be appreciated. However the main aim of my question is the following: on my imported repo there is at least two places where initrd.img files are available: cobbler/ks_mirror/OEL5.8-x86_64/isolinux/ cobbler/ks_mirror/OEL5.8-x86_64/images (HowTos)