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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Megabyte,Try this:sudo pacman -S pkgtoolssudo pkgfile --update(You don't need to install pkgtools, just as shown now it is a useful command):pkgfile /usr/sbin/alsactlAlsactl is in:extra/alsa-utilsAlso,pkgfile /usr/bin/alsamixerALSAMixer is in:extra/alsa-utilsSo,Install alsa-utils:sudo pacman -S alsa-utils(Use a mixer, alsamixer - from alsa-utils or another mixer of your choice, to set your desired volumes and sound hardware selection)Then,sudo alsactl storeThen in /etc/rc.confin the DAEMONS array, add "alsa" before your graphical environment is started whether it be a login mana (HowTos)