No output when traversing SOCKS5 proxy with Fabric/Paramiko

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http://stackoverflow.com – When trying to traverse a SOCKS5 proxy to a RHEL5 Linux host using Fabric 1.6, the command returns but no output is returned to the stdout. $> fab -H myhost -f ./fabfile.py remote_test --show=debug Using fabfile '/home/myuser/fabric/fabfile.py' Commands to run: remote_test Parallel tasks now using pool size of 1 [myhost] Executing task 'remote_test' [myhost] run: echo testing Enter SOCKS5 password for myuser: [myhost] Login password for 'myuser': $> echo $? 0 $> The remote_test function is: def remote_test(): run('echo testing') If I run the command against a non SOCKS5 host (HowTos)