No Operating System After Install and Login

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have a box with an unused LSI Raid controller (no drives in it) and a single 500GB SATA drive installed via the SATA ports on the MB. I can install 11.2 just fine. The install reboot comes back to the install procedure and completes. At that point I login and do a bunch of configuring of the machine as I did on the other 26 machines I have (with different hardware). The last is installation of NVidia drivers. As the box is not connected to the Internet, I recompile and reboot. At that reboot, the box reports that there is no operating system installed and the machine is dead. I have tried running the rescue utility but to no avail. I have reinstalled repeatedly with the same result. Other tidbit: two identical machines are doing the same thing, but a third identical machine it works on. The difference appears to be that the machine that it worked on recognized the single non-RAID SATA as just that and used it as /dev/sda. The other two machine's single non-RAID SATA drive are being detected as part of a RAID array and the installer is creating a /, /boot, /usr, and swap partitions. I have tried changing it, but because it thinks it needs RAID it insists on /boot being there. The SATA is set in BIOS to be installed as IDE. I have also tried changing that to Legacy and even turned RAID on for a single drive system as a desperate attempt. No change. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions from any one?? (Distributions)