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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have loaded FC12 alpha 64 bit. I am pleased to see the floppy icon again the the "Computer" folrer, in "Places" in the "File browser" and in the "Disk Uility" If i click on teh floppy icon in Computer (with a known disk in he drive) the drives LED comes on it makes noises and a window then says "opening floppy drive" then I get a the message "unable to mount location, no media in drive" If I go to "places" and in the drop down menu click on floppy the light on the drive comes on and then nothing. If i go to "Appliocations/System tools/file browser" and click on the "floppy" just nothing happens at all. no light on on the drive and nothing. If I open Appliocations/System tools/Disk Utility and click on the "Floppy Drive" item it shows in the right of the screen FLOPPY DRIVE Unknown size No media detected SMART is not available /dev/fd0 No media detected to Format or edit media, insert it into the drive and wait a few seconds "detect media"" If I click on "detect media" the drives light comes on and that is that with no change shown in the status ie i still shows 'no media" I have done some checks; In the folder /dev/. There is the following in fd0 entries; fd0360 fd0720 fd0800 fd0820 fd0830 fd01040 fd01120 fd01440 fd01600 fd01680 fd01722 fd01760 fd01840 fd01920 floppy floppy-fd0 I then put an entry in the /ect/fstab file, to mount it manually, for the floppy, set up a folder for it as mnt/disk did the mount command and the floppy mounted and I can do a "ls" to list the files on the floppy in a terminal. Can anyone suggest anything as to where to go from here? The last time I did not have any troubles with the floppy was in F8. It may seem srange but I need to have the floppy working because of one particular package and set of test equipment. I can get everything else to work on the linux platform with this gear and since it is so expensive to change the test gear getting the floppy to work is by far the best option. I am sure there are others who need it as well judging by the comments in various places. I also need to use the floppy to load a particular pacakge into virtualbox. I can not use n image drive because of copy protection and I need to change the floppy disk during the installation. These are the reasons why I am so keen to get the floppy working (HowTos)