No man pages/ROOT problem

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – For a few weeks I have been pondering why whenever I do man <command> I get: No manual entry for <command>. I have found the cause of this now, it seems to be a setup script for ROOT(the program root.cern.ch, not the user). This has to be compiled from source and I then need to put the line in my .bashrc file: . /<path to installation>/ROOT/bin/thisroot.sh This file contains the lines: if [ -z "${MANPATH}" ]; then MANPATH=`dirname $ROOTSYS/man/man1`; export MANPATH else MANPATH=`dirname $ROOTSYS/man/man1`:$MANPATH; export MANPATH fi however, disabling this line in .bashrc does not stop $MANPATH being overwritten by ROOT to be <path to installation>/ROOT/man Sorry if this is all confusing, but the point is I want to find out where $MANPATH is being set by ROOT, I have disabled the thisroot.sh in .bashrc and don't know where else it is being told to run it or set $MANPATH. (HowTos)