No Internet for Created VLan on Cisco CE500

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http://serverfault.com – I'm new here and also with networking but i can't set internet conection for some vlan created. I have a Cisco CE500 switch and created 4 vlans define by the roles in the switch. Vlan 2: Servers (role) (port 3-4) Vlan 3: Desktop (role) (port 5-8) Vlan 4: Guest (role) (port 9-12) Vlan 1 is default, Connect to the ADSL Modem/Router Port 2 assign to the Router Role (vlan 1) The switch is connected on port2 the ADSL Modem (DHCP) The goal is: All Vlan should have internet connection. Vlan 2 and 3 should see each other but not Vlan 4 I can enter the switch CLI but dont know which (HowTos)