no boot menu or / mount point after installing Ubuntu 12.04

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http://askubuntu.com – I've installed Ubuntu 12.04 using a Live CD to a new Gateway computer with Windows 7. I used "Install Alongside Windows" option. But on restart there was no boot menu. It only starts into Windows. I looked at partitions using GParted (with Live CD) and it shows my new Ext 4 partition for Ubuntu as follows sda4 Extended, sda5 Ext 4, sda6 linux-swap But there is no / Mount Point listed for the sda5 partition. I did try Boot-Repair but it did nothing. So I've got 2 problems: no GRUB menu and no / Mount Point for my ext 4 partition. I'm so exasperated. Do I have to edit the fstab file to cr (HowTos)