Nginx + Unicorn subdomain virtual hosting failure (timeouts)

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http://serverfault.com – I have a server set on a VPS serving up a production Rails app via Nginx + Unicorn. Presently this works fine with the following conf files: nginx.conf unicorn.conf However the added subdomain of staging.appname.tld ends up yielding the following error in /var/log/nginx/error.log: 2012/08/20 16:57:39 [error] 24673#0: *174 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, server: staging.appname.com, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", upstream: "http://unix:/tmp/unicorn.appname_staging.sock:/", host: "staging.appname.com" 2012/08/ (HowTos)