Nginx Subdirectory Drupal + other app

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http://serverfault.com – I have a drupal app and 2 other app written in php, i want use a rewrite uri for drupal and place drupal in virtual root / and the other by their names ... and use the server cache for the img of each app. ex : xxx.com or xxx.com/ --> /var/www/xxx.com/drupal/ xxx.com/app1 or xxx.com/app1/ ----> /var/www/xxx.com/app1/ xxx.com/app2 or xxx.com/app2/ ----> /var/www/xxx.com/app2/ I have tested : alias, root in each location, conditional $request_uri, separate config ... and always one error : img path, php path, 404 for one of all app or drupal so I'm really lost ... here a test (maybe some (HowTos)