Nginx static files exclude one or some file extensions

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http://serverfault.com – I'm serving up a static site via nginx. location ~* \.(avi|bin|bmp|dmg|doc|docx|dpkg|exe|flv|gif|htm|html|ico|ics|img|jpeg|jpg|m2a|m2v|mov|mp3|mp4|mpeg|mpg|msi|pdf|pkg|png|ppt|pptx|ps|rar|rss|rtf|swf|tif|tiff|txt|wmv|xhtml|xls|xml|zip)$ { root /var/www/html1; access_log off; expires 1d; } And my goal is to exclude requests like http://connect1.webinar.ru/converter/task/. Full view is like http://mydomain.tld/converter/task/setComplete/fid/34330/fn/7c2cfed32ec2.... Despite the fact these URLs ends in such a format they are not static, (HowTos)