NFS3 over KVM-Guest don't map UnixACLs

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, I have an problem with ACLs over NFS3. The Problem is, when i mount a nfsshare from an KVMguest, the UnixACLs were not mapped too. I don't know why. But this is only when i have the NFSshares on an virtulamachine. When i do the same with ein real machine, ACLs work well. You can see that: mount from physical machine: Code: touch data.txt rwrw--+ data.txt mount from virtual machine: Code: touch data.txt rw-r--  data.txt When a say "mount" on both. The ACL-flage is set. Strange, very strange. I've tested this with Ubuntu 12.04 64bit and Gentoo 64bit. (HowTos)