NFC seems to get stuck and prevent deep sleep mode (battery drain)

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http://forums.androidcentral.com – I've not yet found the pattern, but I regularly see a significant spike in battery drain on my sg4 when idle. I've been running Better Battery Stats to try to identify the culprit. I found the following kernel wakelock which seems to keep the CPU from going into deep sleep mode. "bcm2079x_wake_lock_2nd" (): 4 h 59 m 25 s (17965 s) Cnt:(c/wc/ec)0/0/0 98.9% The BCM2079x as far as I can tell is the NFC chip used in the device. I use the Samsung TecTiles (version 2 for the sg4) with my car dock to activate and deactivate car dock mode on the phone. It appears that sometimes (HowTos)