NEXUS 7 gains UNLIMITED STORAGE via USB memory sticks **NO ROOTING** involved

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http://www.mobileread.com РAs always i have been sifting through the Internet to come up the most useful Apps to unlock the true potential of the NEXUS 7. As with all my finds i like to share them on mobile read so every nexus owner benefits and this time i think i have found the most important App to be released on the NEXUS 7 so far. I give you Nexus Media Importer (pice £1.29 /$1.99) https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...importer&hl=en In one fell swoop this App allows you to stream movies ,photos and music from both USB memory sticks or memory card readers via a VERY CHEAP OTG cable WITHOUT ROOTIN (HowTos)