Nexus 7 32 GB 3G or Asus Trasformer Prime 300T 16 GB??

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http://www.mobileread.com – Hi boyz and girlz!! I would like to buy a tablet and I saw a lot of products of every kind, also cheapest China ones, but now I can't decide which one I should buy between the following two: - Asus Nexus 7 32 GB 3G - Asus Trasformer Prime 300T 16 GB WiFi Both Asus 'cause here in Italy Google gives Asus the right to sell it; both at the same price, € 300; but different specifications, as I read: the Nexus 7 seems to lack things like a real camera, a USB port, a mini-USB one, a microSD slot; the USB port is only for mouse and keyboards or for read-only USB pen drives - buying an app b (HowTos)