A newbie yum question

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi there We have a client running Red Hat Enterprise and we want to install some software built on Fedora11. From a previous post I've been told this may or may not work. This is fine though I don't fully understand why. I can build the source on the target box if needed. Here's my problem, the source we built uses various dependencies such as Boost, Tomcat among others When I run the server on the RH environment, I get an error saying (I don't have exact copy here, will post afterwards) - BOOST not installed or dependency BOOST is not present. I figure I just need to install it so I follow the same steps I did on the dev box. ie yum install boost or for all dependencies yum group install "Developer Tools" "Developer Libraries" which then tells me I need to register with RHN. Further reading tells me the client needs to do this, enter the serial code and pay some money (so they tell me). Is there another way to install these dependencies without the registration process. Is this the normal practice? I'm trying to figure whether this is a client being stubburn issue or lack of knowledge on my part. Also, I would expect any dependencies to be packaged with the install I built. I there a way to include them? I just used ./configure , ./make and ./make install Is there a better way? As with all my previous posts, please bear in mind I'm very new to Linux / RH / Fedora cheers (HowTos)