newbie needs help installing external graphics adapter driver

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi Guys, I'm trying to install an external graphics adapter for dual-monitor setup, and according to the installation instructions, the driver is libdlo, which requires libusb v0.13. When I follow the installation instructions, I got an error saying I don't have libusb on my OpenSUSE 11.2. The exact installation instructions is as follows: =============== libdlo README and Quick Start Guide ======================== Prerequisites: * Install a compatible libusb version (0.13) * on ubuntu - "sudo apt-get install libusb" * Plug in a compatible DisplayLink USB device To start the build process, open a shell prompt (as the user who's home directory the libdlo is installed into) and change to the libdlo directory to run $ ./configure $ sudo make install $ make check Make check will do some basic drawing on the DisplayLink device. The 'sudo make install' step will have installed libdlo.h, the main header, in your local include directory, and libdlo in your local library. ================ (The error message comes out at $ sudo make install). I noticed it mentioned Ubuntu, does this mean that it will only work in Ubuntu and wont work in OpenSUSE? I hope not, I love OpenSUSE! I'm new to Linux and I'm not familiar with those commands in the instructions above, I can only guess them but don't really know what each line of the instruction does exactly. If libusb also applies to OpenSUSE, how can I get it installed on my system? Can anyone please help explain what will happen at each stage of the installation above, please? Any help would be appreciated :) Cheers! (Distributions)