New user, want to try Crunchbang on TOSHIBA Libretto 50 CT.

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http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hi everyone, Mark T. here (a new user).I have been all around the web and want to try Crunchbang on my Libretto 50ct portable "palmtop" computer.Its specs. are 100MHz. (was 75) 32 Megs. of ram, 4.3 Gig. of HD (was 850M?).Others who are more experienced in Linux (not necessarily Crunchbang) have succeeded in running it on this system.I was told about Crunchbang by "Wigwam Jones" on Audiokarma while posting on their general off topic forum.The current problems are having NO USB and NO way to BOOT from a CD rom drive (I CAN boot from a floppy via a PCMCIA slot).I CAN hook up t (HowTos)