New Ubuntu Podcast Launches

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http://popey.com – The people behind Full Circle Magazine – the unofficial, community maintained electronic Ubuntu mag – have started a new audio podcast. Created by Robin Catling, Ed Hewitt and Dave Wilkins with additional audio bits by Victoria Pritchard, the first epsiode can be found here in both Ogg Vorbis and MP3 formats. I was able to listen to a preview of the show a few days ago, and I’m impressed. They have the kinds of elements that I like to listen to in a show including news & opinion, techy segments and a bit of fun. The team have managed to put together a tight, interesting and fun show which is no mean feat for episode one. It’s clear that they’re finding their feet in the first epsiode, but that doesn’t mean it’s low quality. There’s some harsh editing, which we also suffered from in the early days, and the audio levels are sometimes a little wobbly, but these are things that usually improve with practice, and aren’t showstoppers in my opinion. In their favour they have some strong personalities who have their own areas of expertise, and can feed off (and back to) the Full Circle Magazine which can help them to build an audience and gather contributions. I understand they’re all spread around the UK, but are keen on getting contributions from around the world – given the magazine as a global project team and readership, this makes sense. I hope they can find time and resources to crank out some more episodes, and can get contributions from the community to help them build up their content. Give it a listen and let them have your constructive feedback. (Distributions)