New install, pppoe and gcc missing

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi guys I installed openSUSE a couple of weeks ago but didn't use it until 2 days ago. It was the latest version when I installed it. To my surprise there wasn't a gcc or pppoe installed. Or at least there wasn't a command line begging with ppp. I tried to install them both with rpms. I think I got them both, just they don't work very well. In particular rp-pppoe doesn't work at all. It says that there's no modem on eth0, which is very true there's only a eth cable. gcc seems to work but I'm not sure I installed all the dependencies. I can't use yast because of lack of internet. I have to reboot to windows and download rpms. Can you give me a work around? At least for the pppoe then it might fix itself. Can I have some EXACT links to rpms or another solution? I have a 64bit system. Also sorry if this is in the wrong section or has been discussed before. Thanks (Distributions)