New Install Newbie Question 'bout these PANICKY ALERTS!

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – This is the second time I've installed linux. The first time was to make a router from my 7500 Power PC using Yellowdog. Good times. I forgot about all the panicky little messages you get with linux. I've got two right now. 1) Your Kernel is messed up. 2) "Your disk is failing!" Palimpsest says I have bad sectors, and that I "passes". I'm regular Mac OS X user and I'm doing an internet search for some tool like disk utility. This app will check for errors and try to fix them if it finds any. SO why is Palimpsest looking if it can't fix this problem? And why are there no utilities in the various online software aggregators? Nothing promises to make your disk happy, only partition it. I thought it might be something like searching for a "virus protection" for the Mac on versiontracker. There are so few viruses that there really are only one or two companies making anything and they are both commercial. Its one of those, you should already know who they are. So, Should I already know that the disk utilities I am looking for are, say, command line apps? what am I missing here? Chris (HowTos)