New Dell Netbook ships with Ubuntu Moblin Netbook Remix!

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http://feedproxy.google.com – Dell will begin shipping the first netbook pre-installed with Moblin OS today! The Moblin Mini 10V will be priced at US$299 and can be customized with the usual desired addons from Dell. The Moblin OS is based on Linux and features an easy to use point and click user interface with built-in social networking applications such as Facebook/Twitter/IM/etc. Though this is not officially available in Singapore, those whom are interested in trying out the Ubuntu Moblin OS from Dell are free to download the installable image file from Dell’s http file server. Installation instructions here. Dell’s Moblin’s Wiki page here A demo video of how the user interface of Moblin looks like below: Source : Phoronix and Engadget Related Posts: Affordable Linux touchscreen tablet running on AA batteries Boot up speed craze Moblin v2.0 beta released Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 Alpha 4 released Noob Introduction to Kernel Mode Settings and Rootless X-Server (General)