New build this weekend, questions about 1.3 update, SSD and UEFI

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http://main.solusos.com – I have put together a system for a friend that we are going to be putting together soon. I was hoping that SolusOS 1.3 might be released before we do this build, but things have changed and I think it will now be done this weekend. I'm hoping Ikey will release 1.3 tomorrow or Saturday morning, but I know thats a pretty slim chance. So questions: 1) If I install SolusOS 1.2 can I later do a dist-update and get the whole OS updated to 1.3 or should I push off the install until 1.3 is released. 2) How do I setup TRIM for SSD in SolusOS. Again I was hoping that 1.3 would be released as I (HowTos)